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It is common for families to disagree on how to maintain a family.

Written by: Director, The Hong Kong Institute of Family Education             Dr. Tik Chi-yuen To maintain good and intimate family relationships, three elements are needed, including family planning, family communication and family empathy. Whether it is an individual, a group or a community, there is a need to have a plan. These plans should include directions, goals, actions and solutions to problems. Likewise, every family needs to have its own family plan. In simpler terms, planning for home ownership, savings, travel, and children requires clear planning and action. In the process of talking about these plans, it is important for all family members to share them, and for everyone to agree on them so that they

Eating meat can grow meat? How much meat is enough for 2 to 5 years old?

Written by : Ng Pui Yu, Registered Public Health Nutritionist (UK) Chicken drumsticks, salmon and pork chops …… Adults generally think that children need to eat more meat if they want to grow. In fact, how much meat do children aged 2 to 5 years old need to eat a day in order to grow? How should parents choose? Nutritionally speaking, meat, fish, eggs, dried beans, nuts and seeds are all protein-based foods. The Department of Health recommends that children aged 2 to 5 should eat 1.5 to 3 taels of these foods per day, and 1 tael is about the size of a ping-pong ball of meat. Parents should choose “only lean” meat for their

Wear face mask for long time during Epidemic. How to make children learn to “look at people’s eyebrows and eyes”?

Written by: Hong Kong Speech and Swallowing Therapy Centre Senior Speech Therapist Eunice Siu In our daily interactions with others, we not only observe others’ behaviors, but also “explain” and “predict” others’ behaviors. Theory of mind is the ability to infer or substitute other people’s mental states, such as their thoughts, beliefs, desires, and intentions, etc., and to use this ability to explain other people’s thoughts, perceptions, and predict their behaviors. Theory of mind can be subdivided into “emotion recognition”, “beliefs” and “pretend play”. The developmental period for children’s theory of mind is from approximately 3 to 7 years of age. However, before the age of 3, children need to master the following skills to effectively develop

Drawings peek into the inner world of children

Written by: Unleashing Mind  Professional  Counselling Academy Psychotherapist  Lee Wai-Tong  Painting can give us room to express our feelings. I use a brush to create a dialogue with myself in another language, soothing my emotions or gaining insight and unlocking my heart.  Crying over trivial stuff  In my past child counseling sessions, some parents came to me for help. They did not understand why their son, Ming, often cried over trivial things, such as being late for TV, late for dinner, or when his father came home late, etc. They mentioned the situation to Ming, but they did not understand why, which caused them trouble. Therefore, I suggested conducting a drawing assessment for Ming to understand the