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ELCHK 60th Walkathon Fundraising

ELCHK Mission Love Action 2022

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination School Outreach

DIY 3D Photo Box

Positive Parenting Series-Let Children afford to Lose (Parents)

Positive Parenting Series-Let Children afford to Lose (Child)

Positive Parenting Series-Personality Perspective: Parent-child relationship begins with the recognition of "color"

Parent-child activities for passing on love

Touch Fun Parent-child Massage

M.O.T.I.O.N. Non-Chinese speaking parent inspection and lecture

NCS parent-child EID celebration

Workshop :NCS Parent-child 'Love Language '

Tuning in to Kids parent emotion coaching course

Home‧School‧Kids" Fun Day

Talk: How to deal with Children’s Emotional Behaviour

Talk: K3 Primary One Allocation

Talk: K3 Primary One Allocation (NCS Parent)

Parents Talk: Effective Parenting

Parents Talk: Nutrition

CECES Talk: Picky Eating

Parents Talk: “Cultivate Children to Love Learning”

Parents Talk: 6A Character Education

Parents Talk: Free Play by Playright

“C-for-Chinese @JC ”
Parents Chinese Class

Parents Talk: Curriculum

K3 Parents Meeting

K3 Parents Lesson Observation

K2 Parents Meeting

K2 Parents Lesson Observation

K1 Parents Meeting

K1 Parents Lesson Observation

Parents Cooking at School

Parents Assisting Outings

Dad & Mom Storytelling Activity

Parents Sharing: Raising Pets

Parents Sharing: Pet Crabs

Sharing: Parents Occupation

Family Garden Planting

Parent Volunteers Planting at School

Activity: Parents Eco-friendly Planting

Parents’ Participation in Learning

Parents Visit to Primary Schools

Noah Ark Graduation Family Trip

Autumn Family Trip

Disney Graduation Family Trip

School Cultural Day: Blackbox Drama

Eco-friendly New Year Decorations Making

Greeners Action 2019: Red Packets Reuse Scheme

Joint-school Family Sports Day

Activity: Toys Trading

Christmas Carnival

Parents Joining the Healthy Food Party

Parents Workshop: Fun Materials DIY

Parent-child Toy Workshop

Parents English Class

"Keep Children Upright" Flag Day for Children's Chiropractic Foundation

Parents Fellowship

AIK x LEGO DUPLO Animal Discovery Journey Family Workshop

Home Visit