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Summer Splash Week -
Catwalk Show

Summer Splash Week -
Water Play

Mobile disaster prevention education vehicle experience activities and escape kit workshop

NS.R.D.C Puppet Theater‧Healthy Snacks

C.C.F Talk:I am the pioneer of spine protectionC.C.F Talk:I am the pioneer of spine protection

Happiness ideas for adults and children to read and play together

Oxfam Red Pocket Charity Donation Campaign

Jockey Club Children Oral Health Project

Talk: Dettol Health

Talk: HKU Oral Health

COPE Children's Disaster Prevention Picture Book Story Workshop

Talk: Pioneers of Spine Protection

Workshop: Children Spine Protection

Mobile Vision Screening Service

Talk: CLP Electricity

Drama Tour: Sham Shui Po Fire Prevention

Visit: Moving Disaster Preparedness Education Truck

Activity: Food for Good Planting

Talk: Food for Good Food Waste Recycling

Green Talk: Becoming a Tree Doctor

Workshop: ”Carbon Saving” Interactive Puppet Show

Natural Anti-bug Cream Green Education Station

Activity: Plastic Bottle Recycling

Smoke Free Interactive Theatre Show

Talk: CECES Life and Death Educational

Story Telling by Elderly

World Vision Red Packet Giving

Talk: World Vision Red Packet

Visit: Visually Impaired and Guide Dogs

SRACP Puppet Show

Activity: Music Games

Courtesy ambassador

Cultural Festival of Ethnic Minorities

Joint-school Family Sports Day

Ocean Park Reading Day

September Birthday Party: School Commencement Day

October Birthday Party

November Birthday: Elderly Day Celebration

December Birthday Party: Christmas Celebration

January Birthday Party: New Year Celebration

February Birthday Party: Wetland Day

March Birthday Party: Day for the elimination of racism

April Birthday Party: Easter Celebration

May Birthday Party: Mothers' Day Celebration

June Birthday Party: Fathers' Day Celebration

July & August Birthday Party: Graduation Ceremony