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Visit: Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Public Library

Visit: Ambulance

Talk: How much do you know about first aid?

Visit: Green Hub

Visit: Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

Visit: MTR

Visit: Brighter Smiles Playland

Visit: The Fire and Ambulance Services Education Centre cum Museum

Visit: Fire Safety Bus

Visit: Taking the Ferry

Visit: Road Safety Towns

Visit: Tour Bus

Visit: Sham Shui Po Police Station

Visit: Egg Tart factory

Visit: St. Andrew’s Primary School

Visit: Fanling
Environmental Resource Centre

Visit: Wan Chai
Environmental Resource Centre

Visit: Tsuen Wan
Environmental Resource Centre

Visit: Sham Shui Po Community Green Station

Planting Experience: Papaya Harvest

Giving Cookies to Those Who Help Us

Visit: Yau Tong Food for Good Community Kitchen

Sensory in Nature

Workshop: Recycled Paper

Talk: Learning about Ambulance

Talk: Fire Safety

Sham Shui Po Fire Prevention Drama Tour

School Sports Promotion Program-Let's Move@Sports Dance

Sensory Bottle Making

Summer snack : Fruit Jelly

Acivity: Eggs Cooking

Spring Rolls Making

Cooking Herbs Minced Meat Spaghetti

Herbs Mocktail Making

Hotpot Making

Sweet Dumplings Making

Salad Making

Cookies Making

Cupcakes Making

Inclusive Activity: Tasting Pakistan food

Parrot Encounter

Talk: Vet with Dogs and Retired Working Dogs

Eco-friendly Music Instruments Making

Eco-friendly Robots Making

Eco-friendly Enzyme Making

Sensory Bottle Making

Rain gear experience

Teach K1 to Make Rice Balls

Smoke Free Interactive Theatre Show

Green Drama: Save the Earth

Eco-friendly Music

Farmers Experience Day

Workshop: Playright Medical Game

Play on Campus Free Play 1

Play on Campus Free Play 2

Free Play - Demo class 1

Free Play - Demo class 2

Free Play - Demo class 3

“C-for-Chinese @JC”
Donut Rescue_ Firefighters Ambulancemen Experience Day

“C-for-Chinese @JC”
Community Learning Activity
Sports Game Day

“C-for-Chinese @JC”
Community Learning Activity
Visit to Central Mail Centre

“C-for-Chinese @JC” Community Learning Activity_ Visit to TSK Hospital Chinese Medicine Department

“C-for-Chinese @JC”
Project Lesson