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Little Pets PIKA "Getting Along with Pets" Workshop

Visit: Clothes Recycling Bin

Private Car Observation

Visit: Tung Chau Street Park

Visit: Supermarket

Visit: Pedestrian Crossing

Visit: Road Safety Bus

Visit: Classmate’s Home

Observe Recycling Bins

Food Tasting: Fried Eggs with Beans

Food Tasting: Jam Sandwich

Food Tasting: Ice Cream Banana Split

Activity: Eggs Frying

Watermelon Popsicles Making

Ice Cream Making

Activity: Oatmeal Cooking

English Activity: Squeeze Orange Juice

K1 Adaptation Week

Planting Activity

Green Onion Reaping

Green Onion Pancake Making

Playground Picnic

Talk: AFCD “Animals and Me”

Animal Costume Parade

Animal Theatre

C-for-Chinese@JC Project
Visit to SPCA

C-for-Chinese@JC Project
Picnic at Kai Tak Cruise

C-for-Chinese@JC Project
Community Learning Activity

C-for-Chinese@JC Project
Visit to a Home

C-for-Chinese@JC Project
Visit to Teahouse