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by: Unleashing Mind  Professional  Counselling Academy

Psychotherapist  Lee Wai-Tong

 Painting can give us room to express our feelings. I use a brush to create a dialogue with myself in another language, soothing my emotions or gaining insight and

unlocking my heart.

 Crying over trivial stuff

 In my past child counseling sessions, some parents came to me for help. They did not

understand why their son, Ming, often cried over trivial things, such as being
late for TV, late for dinner, or when his father came home late, etc. They
mentioned the situation to Ming, but they did not understand why, which caused
them trouble. Therefore,
I suggested conducting a
drawing assessment for Ming to understand the environment in which Ming grows
up in his mind, which may help to understand the reason why Ming loves to cry. 

A peek into the inner world through paintings

 Later, I met with Ming’s parents again. They never imagined that the quarrel in front of Ming was deeply engraved in their son’s heart. In addition, the father also found that his tiredness after work affected the quality of parent-child interaction. In this regard, I taught the father some relaxation methods and suggested setting up a “calm zone” at home to give everyone a space to relieve their emotions, and the parents promised to avoid arguing in front of Ming.

A month later, Ming no longer cried over trivial matters and the parent-child relationship was better than before. Painting can reflect children’s inner world view. In the process of creation, children project their inner world intentionally or unintentionally, so that we can understand their inner world and help them grow up healthily.


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